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There are various worldwide schemes, protocols and standards available for the implementation of GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES (G.A.P) principles.

GlobalG.A.P is considered, worldwide, the most successful farm assurance standard gaining, over the years, confidence and credibility amongst farmers, consumers and interested parties. A series of programs and protocols were established by many participants and documents for different agricultural sectors were published and implemented by farmers all over the world. The assessment of these farms, are audited by Independent Certification Bodies which contact audits and issue certificates to farms which meet specific criteria.

Q-check in collaboration with its partners offers independent inspection and certification services against GLOBALG.A.P standard reassuring consumers about food safety on the farm with minimum environmental impacts of farming operations, adequate use of chemical inputs, product quality improvements and also ensuring a responsible approach to worker health and safety as well as animal welfare.


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Q-check cert organizes special training courses for quality inspectors and operations staff dealing with quality issues.



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